Trailer Wheels: How to chose the right one

Trailer Wheels for All Applications

Trailer wheels are one of the most important parts of a trailer. If you choose the wrong type of Nettotrailer, your trailer will not be able to move correctly and it could cause damage to other vehicles along with your own.

First, you want to measure your current tires. This will help you determine what size the new wheels should be and ensure that they are wide enough for stability but narrow enough so as not to interfere with any other vehicles on the road or trail.

You can use a tape measure or ruler to take these measurements, which include width (side-to-side), diameter (circumference around tire) and hubcap diameter (the actual inside of the wheel). Then write down all three numbers in order onto paper, this way you have it safe until whenever you purchase new ones!


Now let’s talk replacement trailer wheels. There are two different types: steel trailer tires and aluminum alloy rims. Steel is generally less expensive than an alloy rim although both are very durable. Also, an alloy rim will generally be lighter than a steel wheel and it won’t rust. However, both options can rust and corrode if they are not properly maintained so we recommend using an anti-rust agent to protect your wheels from the elements.

You need to determine what type of tread pattern works best for where you plan on driving your trailer — such as paved roads or gravel trails? Most vehicles today use radial tire construction which means that there is rubber wrapped around wire spokes but some older trailers still have bias ply construction which means that there is no reinforcement inside of the tire with just one layer of crosswoven fabric over top.