Enjoy Daily Sailing Trips and Time On Water

Whether you’ve ever sailed before, or never set foot on a boat – we guarantee that our daily sailing trips will provide an experience worth remembering. The best part about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? You don’t need to be an experienced sailor! Let us show you the ropes and get you out onto the water for some unforgettable fun. Spend your day with friends and family…enjoying the serenity of breathtaking views and beautiful destinations.

The Aqua Rama is a 39-foot boat that will take you to the best of sights on the Kanagawa coast. You can even enjoy time on the water with one of many different kinds of boating equipment! There are a lot more spots to find than you think. You might even end up feeling like you want to come back again for another fun trip.

The Aqua Rama is equipped with an engine so it can use both sail power and motor power. It’s also got GPS navigation and other modern instruments that make it easy to explore the ocean. The boat is designed to provide a safe and comfortable sailing experience for all.

We have the latest in boating equipment so you can enjoy an even better time on the water than you thought possible! We’ve got kneeboards, wave runners, a paddleboard, kayaks, and windsurfers. You can choose any of them to spend some fun time with friends or family members. If you want to go at your own pace, having your own equipment means you don’t need to worry about missing out on anything because of group size. It’s also more convenient if it’s just one person. But if somebody wants company then other people could join right away!

This is by far the best way to see the city as you can see all of it from a different perspective. Book a Sailing Tour for up to 11 people. You’ll sail along the coastline, past iconic sights & landmarks such as:

  • The old harbor and its famous lighthouse;
  • The marina with its myriad of yachts;
  • The various banks on both sides of the channel are complete with their respective flags.
  • The Charles Bridge, Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter), Vltava River.

We will gladly assist you in selecting a day & time that suits your itinerary and we offer competitive rates compared to other operators or providers. We look forward to welcoming you onboard!

We also offer a wide range of services, such as Sightseeing tours in a Luxury coach; Private transfers with Luxury Mercedes Minibuses/ executive cars / Lifts; English–speaking guides, etc., so do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

You can park your car safely for a maximum of 2/3 hours for free in front of our office and cross over to the restaurant by means of a pedestrian laneway directly from our door which will lead you to Charles Bridge.